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UK nursing recruitment agencies in Nigeria

If you are hoping on relocating as a nurse from Nigeria and you are looking for UK nursing recruitment agencies in Nigeria, then this article will help you. Nursing is one of the most sought-after professions in the United Kingdom. Nurses in the UK earn about 5 times the amount nurses in Nigeria earn this is why most Nigerian nurses will prefer to relocate to the Uk. In this post, I will list the different international Nursing recruitment agencies where you can apply as a nurse in Nigeria to work in the Uk. I will guide you on how to apply and successfully get a job and relocate to the Uk. There are a lot of nursing recruitment agencies around the world. However, it is important to note that many of them are fraudsters which is why it is advisable you take this article seriously.

List of UK nursing recruitment agencies in Nigeria

Global Nurse force

The global Nurse force is a top recruitment agency for nurses in the UK. The Global Nurse Force has been in existence since the year 2000 and they have been connecting talented nurses with healthcare facilities around the world. They are also open to Nigerian Nurses who are wishing to get a job in the Uk or any other country.

The Global nurse force will guide you from start to finish. They will guide you on registering under the Nurses and midwifery council(NMC). They will help you get a job and negotiate with your employer on salaries and other things, and they will also help you with Visa processing and settling down in the Uk. Visit their official website to register with them.

Drake Medox 

Drake Medox UK has been supplying healthcare professionals to NHS Trusts and private hospitals in the UK since 1978. They have successfully placed over 20,000 healthcare professionals in UK hospitals. They carry out recruitment not just for nurses but doctors and other medical professionals. As a Nigerian nurse hoping on relocating to the Uk you can work with Drake Medox to get a job.

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You can visit their official website to start.





MMA recruitment 

MMA recruitment has been in existence for more than 15 years placing nurses in different hospitals across the UK including Northern Ireland. As a nurse-owned business, they understand the process of moving to another country. They will guide you every step of the way and also provide resources to pass your IELTS which is required to work as a nurse in the UK. They will also guide you in applying to register with the NMC in UK. MMA is looking to recruit ambitious, determined and adventurous nurses.

You can visit their official website for guidance.

Mayday Healthcare 

Mayday Healthcare is a leading nursing recruitment agency where you can apply from Nigeria. They specialize in the recruitment of nurses across the UK, both in the private sector and the NHS. You can trust the mayday agency to secure a job for you and you can apply from Nigeria and get full guidance until you successfully relocate to the Uk. Visit their website to learn more.

How to apply for Nursing jobs in the Uk from Nigeria

You can successfully apply for a nursing job in the Uk from Nigeria as long as you have an internet connection. You can choose to apply by yourself or go through any of the nursing recruitment agencies listed above. Before applying, below is the list of things you need to put in place before you start your application for a job.

  • You must have acquired a degree in nursing
  • You must have registered with the Nurses and midwifery council, Uk
  • You must have an IELTS OR OET certificate

All of the above-listed documents will be required when applying for a job directly or through a recruitment agency. If you are qualified you will easily get a job as a nurse in the Uk as there is currently a high demand for nurses in the Uk. Having working experience is not required but it is an added advantage.

Why Use Nursing Recruitment Agencies? 

  • Nursing recruitment agencies are the bridge between employers and employees. You stand a higher chance of landing your choice job when you engage a trusted agency.
  • A trusted agency has experience in the employment space of the Uk. This experience would come in handy for you. Usually, there’re grey areas you may not already be aware of, but an agency can help you identify and clarify them.
  • Their guidance will help you brush up on your curriculum vitae/résumé and cover letter. You would most likely get tips on how best and how not to arrange and present the details in your curriculum vitae/résumé and cover letter.
  •  Agencies will help you negotiate with your employers on salaries, sponsoring your visa and flight tickets and also help you settle down in the Uk.


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