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Cheapest country to study for Nigerian students

Most Nigerian students looking forward to studying abroad are in search of countries with the most affordable tuition, in this page I will discuss the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students.

Canada, Uk and the United States are some of the most popular countries most Nigerian scholars usually apply for, but studying in these countries could be quite expensive. The tuition fees and cost of living in these countries are not easily affordable for an average Nigerian except if you get a scholarship. In this article, I will mention the Cheapest country to study for Nigerian students, these are countries with world-class educational facilities with low tuition fees and low cost of living that is affordable for an average Nigerian even without being a scholarship recipient.

Nigeria is an English-speaking country and most Nigerians also love to study in English-speaking countries, however, some of these countries are not English-speaking countries but they do hold lectures in English.

What is the Cheapest country to study for Nigerian students?


Germany is among the top study destinations in the world because it has standard universities with very affordable tuition. It also has relatively low costs of living and high quality of life. Students of public universities in Germany do not pay tuition fees at undergraduate and PhD levels, excluding those in Baden-Württemberg. Master’s students who didn’t acquire their undergraduate degree in Germany usually pay about €20,000  (10.5 million naira) annually. But you may be able to find a scholarship to support you.

To cover your living costs in Germany, you’ll need about €10,200 (5.3 million naira) annually. It can possibly be higher depending on your lifestyle, location, and spending habits. There are several English-taught courses, particularly at the graduate level.


All Nordic countries are pretty affordable study destinations. Norway is listed among the Cheapest country to study for Nigerian students because it remains free for every student from both within and outside the European Union (EU) studying at any of the public universities in Norway. With the exception of a few specialized programs. Europe’s Nordic countries are known for their high quality of life and natural beauty, and Norway is no exception. Another reason why Norway is good for Nigerian students is the availability of English-taught programs at all study levels. Norway also has an impressive number of indigenes that are fluent in English. However, as with other Nordic countries. Norway comes with a high price tag in terms of cost of living. The cost of living for an average student is around NOK 139,680 (~US$17,200) per year.


Romania is on this list because it is one of the countries that has a Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) with Nigeria. The government of Nigeria sponsors undergraduate, Master’s and PhD studies for its citizens to study in Romania and they are made to study the language of this country. You must have a BEA scholarship to study in Romania at a low cost, the federal government of Nigeria will provide you supplementation allowances of up to $6,000 annually, and you will also be provided clothing allowance, health insurance and research grants while the Romanian government will take care of your tuition fees and accommodation.

However, asides from being a BEA scholarship recipient you can still study in Romania at a lower cost, tuition fees for most universities vary from 2,000 to 5,000 euros per annum, cost of feeding and hostel accommodation isn’t more than 200 euros per month, this is quite affordable for an average Nigerian and it is one of the Cheapest country to study for Nigerian students.


Finland is one of the few countries with no tuition fees for international students, but this has recently changed with the addition of small fees for non-EU students. Depending on your choice of degree and program, students are expected to pay an annual tuition fee.

Unlike many other countries abroad, however, Finland’s financial aid, grants for students and scholarship programs are open to international students, making the country one of the cheapest places to study abroad. as it is with the other Nordic countries, Finland has some of the cheapest and most affordable universities for international students.

Tuition fees for international students in Finland cost about $1,000 per annum and it’s totally free for students from the EU. The average living cost for a student in Finland is at least 700 to 1000 EUR per month. The minimum sum that you must prove that you have at your disposal during your studies is 560 EUR per month. Tampere University, the University of Oulu, University of Jyväskylä are some of the most popular universities in Frane


Tuition fees in France are the same for home and international students. Tuition Fees is €170  per year for bachelor’s (license) programs, €243 for most master’s programs, and €380 for doctoral programs. Fees are considerably higher at the highly selective grandes écoles and grands établissements, which set their own fees. The cost of living is highest in the capital city, Paris, but you may find it worth the extra cost, after all, Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Even If you’re not fluent in French, you can still study in France in English, with most English-taught programs found at the postgraduate level.

What is the Cheapest English-speaking country to study for Nigerian students?

Australia, Canada, the united states and the united Kingdom remains the cheapest English-speaking countries to study abroad for Nigerian students, although most of the above-mentioned countries do teach some programs in English it is not the official language in these countries.


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